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Accepting Healthy Lakes Grant Applications

BDLIA is completing its 11th Healthy Lakes project on Beaver Dam Lake and is accepting applications for 2018 grant requests. You can qualify for up to $1,000 in grant money for native gardens, rain gardens and other projects. Follow this link for Healthy Lakes project descriptions

For more information and an application, contact BDLIA.

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UW Madison Project on Beaver Dam Lake

The 17 grad students are carrying out their work on Beaver Creek and Beaver Dam Lake. For complete information, go to the Lake Management Page.

Commercial Fishing on Beaver Dam Lake

The DNR has reported that the commercial fishermen have removed 1,009,200 lbs. of carp and buffalo between January 2017 and June 2017 from the lake. The breakdown is 777,200 lbs. carp and 232,000 lbs. of buffalo. We could be on track to set a new record for carp and buffalo removed this year. In 2014 a total of 1,703,750 lbs. of rough fish were removed.

BDLIA Upcoming Annual Meeting

All BDLIA members and those interested in Beaver Dam Lake are invited to attend the annual meeting on Saturday, August 26, 2017. For information on location and agenda items, click on Events Page.

Beaver Dam Lake Management Plan Implementation

A grant has been approved by the DNR to assess the curly leaf pondweed, the invasive species of aquatic plant which covered the majority of the lake in 2015. If the plant reappears this spring the grant will be sued to assess the growth and determine control and monitoring strategies that can be put into action.

A new contract has been let by the DNR for continued commercial fishing of carp in the lake which is a major factor in carp management.

A review and study of carp barriers to the major bays is also underway as another step in carp management and improvement of game and pan fish habitat.

Development of additional recreational use of the lake with the installation of kayak docks at Waterworks Park in 2016 and Derge Park in 2017.

[Download the Comprehensive Plan]

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